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The Cycling Helmet of The Future

Disclaimer: All reviews contain subjective opinions of the NANZA team.

 [Funding Status

Pledges: $58,915 (as of May 19, 2023)

Live until: June 29, 2023 @ 16:59 (PDT)

 [Reward Price] 

Standard Helmet
    Super Early Bird: $98

     (60% off retail)
MIPS + Standard Helmet
 Super Early Bird: $129

     (57% off retail)

* Shipping fee not included.

 [Estimated Shipping Time] 

Aug 2024

 NANZA Tl;dr 

E-bikes are now just as common as your generic push-pedals, but with speeds going up to 28mph, regular helmets just won't cut it from protecting you against nasty head-collisions. Virgo's full-face protection helmet is designed for high speeds, allowing for shock absorption to protect the chin and jaw. Suitable for all bikes, diversity of sizing, colours, and shock absorbing from all angles, it's hard to say no. 


For All Two-Wheelers

Whether you're a road cylist, mountain biker, an e-bike rider, or a hybrid of one or the other, this helmet keeps your head and face protected. 

Full Face Protection

While the upper part of your head is the most protected area, 67% of the serious injuries to the face take to the lower, jaw area of the face. Virgo offers flexible and integral protection. 


650g, that's slightly heavier than a regular open face helmet, but much lighter that a full cover mountain bike helmet. 


Ergonomic Fit

The Virgo comes in 3 sizes to fit all head circumfrences. It also comes with an adjustment system in the back and a variety of different sized padding. 

 XS (51-54 cm), S/M (55-58 cm), L/XL (59-62)

Color Options

Made for all genders, the unisex helmet is available in matte colours- carbon black, warm sand, pure white, and midnight blue. 




With 5 vents in the front, and 4 in the back, the Virgo helmet adds extra breathability. While it's comfortable and airy, it doesn't compensate on protecting the whole head. 

MIPS- What is it?

MIPS is a safety system that enhances helmet safety. Mounting a low friction layer on the inside of the helmet, is designed to slightly move inside the helmet and redirect forces away from the head in the event of a crash, reducing the risk of brain injury.

24/7 Tail Light Visibility

Stay in view at all times of any drivers, pedestrians or other cyclists. The light is strong enough to be visible at all times of the day. 

Automatic Brake Light 

Embedded with an accelerometer, any sudden decreases in speed are detected, activating the LED brake lights on the rear of the helmet. It's also detachable by magnetic fixation. 

Main Materials/Specs

Durable and micro-debris free upon impact, the front shield/ visor is made from polycarbonate, an acrylic frequented in safety and sports eyewear. 



NTA-8776 certified, the Virgo is rated to protect your head when riding speeds of up to 45 km/h (28mph)

Reward Price
Choose between the standard Virgo helmet, and one with MIPS:



Worldwide shipping available:

Virgo colour 2.png
Virgo colour 1.png
 What We Love 

1. Versatile Wear

Whether you're a spectacle wearer or find visors constricting, the Virgo can be worn above glasses, or you can remove the visor depending on the weather conditions! The open space for your ears ensures your hearing isn't afflicted, and gives space for earphone's if you're wanting to listen to your favourite guilty pleasure, mine is Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid. I was told this was a safe space.


2. MIPS' Rotating System

While the added brain protection feature comes at $30 more than the standard helmet, we think it's worth the price. With a chin strap really placed at the chin and not over your mouth, you can replenish on beverages, while protecting your jaw from impact. When receiving shock from underneath, the helmet lifts and shields your forehead, while shock from above pivots the helmet forward, lowering the chin strap, protecting your face without compromise. 

Virgo Helmet Positions.png
 What We Don't 

1. Is It For All Weather Conditions?

While the Virgo tends to the breathability and cooling benefits, it doesn't quite cover all weather forecasts. If you're from regions that often face unpredictable weather, you'd want some protection from the rain, which this helmet doesn't offer... yet.


2. Does It Offer Wind Deflections?

For avid cycylists, especially speeders (show off), wind noise can be annoying to the point of being painful. While it isn't addressed on the campaign page, we hope it'll be addressed soon! 

 Is it Worth it? 

We're living in an age where comfort and safety no longer has to come at the price of design. While bicycles are constantly getting upgraded and re-vamped, it's about time a helmet that looks just as cool as your two-wheeler surfaces.  Studies show that the two most common reasons people choose not to pick wearing a helmet are because they feel bring a feeling of claustrophobia due to the closeness to the face, and because they don't look necessarily cool. 

While style is subjective, it's definitely an upgrade from generic helmets, and an option for those who require plenty of breathing room when cycling. With only a few Super Early Bird's remaining for both standard and MIPS helmets, grab it while you can. 

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