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Oru Camp

The Ultimate Origami Setup For Outdoors

Disclaimer: All reviews contain subjective opinions of the NANZA team.

 [Funding Status

Pledges: $91,627 (as of May 12, 2023)

Live until: Jun 15, 2023

@ 12 A(PST)

 [Reward Price] 

VIP Special: $49~$399 (up to 50% off retail)

* Shipping fee not included.

 [Estimated Shipping Time] 

Sep 2024

 NANZA Tl;dr 

From land to see, the makers of the original folding kayak create origami furniture for the summer nights. It has built-in storage, “super-sturdy” yet lightweight. You won’t need your additional night lamps as each piece illuminates in your favorite party colors (13!). Maybe this will eliminate the bickering in trying to find any missing screws…


1. SwitchTable

Adjustable Height

29.5 inches from the ground, or 15 inches if you dont mind your little ones reaching for your plate.


Storage compartments

Not one, but two. Separated. I know. No more Fanta soaked bread? Fantastic.




When built, 26”x18.5”x3.5”


Less than 11.5 lb. Apparently the same weight as holiday ham. If that helps. 

Allows up to 400 lb holding weight, which means a gorilla could successfully take a nap on it. 

2. FlipCube


Put up to 2 FlipCube’s together for a better view and easier sit, if you’ve got short legs and a bad knee like me.



Works as storage, a foot rest, or a side table, and obviously you can plant your bottom on it too.


When built, 16”x 14”x 14”


4.75 lb. Like a bag of…carrots. Maybe that’s why it’s oran…g…e.

3. PopLounge

Storage compartments

Hidden storage under your seat for all your best snacks.





7.25 pounds. Like carrying a large melon from your car to your front door. 


When built, 26”x18.5”x3.5”.

Reward Price

Available to ship to most locations.

$11 flat fee.

Additional add ons = additional shipping costs. 

Check below for the best current prices for bundles!

FlipCube + PopLounge = $139 (MSRP $200)

SwitchTable + (x2)FlipCube = $219 (MSRP $427)

SwitchTable + (x2)PopLounge = $319 (MSRP $607)

SwitchTable + PopLounge + FlipCube = $399 (MSRP $805)


Oru Camp have put a disclaimer that prices are only an estimate as for now.
There's a lot of different figures for each region. You ready? Deep breath.


US $11

UK, Europe and Japan $50

Australia $65


US $11

Canada $14

UK & Europe $58

Japan $60

Australia $82



US $12

Canada $16

UK & Europe $75

Japan $70

Australia $112


FlipCube + PopLounge

USA $22

Canada $25

UK & Europe $100

Japan $105

Australia $150

SwitchTable + (x2) FlipCube

USA $23

Canada $28

UK & Europe $150

Japan $145

Australia $225

SwitchTable + (x2) PopLounge

USA $25

Canada $30

UK & Europe $190

Japan $180

Australia $270

(x2) FlipCube + (x2) PopLounge + SwitchTable [Full Camp]

USA $36

Canada $28

UK & Europe $260

Japan $250

Australia $380

e746b4ba5ed01b41abb610fd78575839_original (1)table.png
e746b4ba5ed01b41abb610fd78575839_original (1) storage.png
cd64af8130d8f342397266e595f1a69e_original (3) stack.png
 What We Love 

1. Product Design

Did we mention that ALL furniture pieces fold into a bag? No extra straps needed, the contemporary orange and white furniture are lightweight and portable for any occasion for a sit down, munch and natter. Plus, you get the option of up to 13 LED colors and 4 modes to choose from.


2. Patent Plastic

Oru Camp uses their infamous UV-treated plastic (OruPlast) for its durability, puncture resistance and wear that can sustain 20,000 folds.

 What We Don't 

1. Color Variations

While some of us might love a striking orange, we know others may have an aversion to the color of carrots. It wouldn’t hurt to have just one more option of color for the monotone or mute color lovers.


2. Claimed To Be Puncture-Proof, But Is It Really?

We love the versatility of the Oru Camp, but with unfortunate experiences noted from purchasers of the previous Kayak, there’s definitely doubt that a crack in a table or chair may result in some very expensive going down the drain.

 Is it Worth it? 

With these product features, we’re finding it hard to resist the temptation of backing the full camp set at $489. While most outdoor furniture can be priced at a slightly more economic figure, the years of use can often result in rusting, and medications of WD-40 now and again.

Oru Camp’s unique color palette of orange and white will ensure you stand out from the masses, and you won’t have to worry about finding your family and friends after returning from the toilets. We think it might be worth it, for the price you pay of sitting down in someone else's lounge chair..

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