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Lance X

20/20 Vision for All of Life's Adventures

Disclaimer: All reviews contain subjective opinions of the NANZA team.

 [Funding Status

Pledges: $89,85(as of Feb 16, 2023)

Live until: Mar 25, 2023

@ 04:00 PM (PST)

 [Reward Price] 

Super Early Bird: $59

(35% off retail) * Shipping fee not included

 [Estimated Shipping Time] 

Sep 2023

 NANZA Tl;dr 

Parisian creators return with their 5th campaign of over 20k backers. Previously catergorising itself to luxury, the Lance X appeals itself to active hobbyists. With impressive accessory attachments and protective features, they’re not only comfortable, but stylish too (we can vouch for that). But are they leaving those who are used to a thorough optometrist consultation, in the dark?


Improved 4x over

Lance X has catered to the communal issues experienced with standard glasses with previous experience of 4 successful Kickstarters. Ergonomically designed to optimize the use of headphones, a low-nose bridge design, not to mention the slip-free hooks and grips, it’s everything adjustable, easy, light, oh and unisex.


Frame Flexibility

If we had to pick one feature that stands Lance X out from the rest, is their use of Rilsan Polyamide. Frames can bend under pressure and conform to your face shape and bend without breaking.


Eye Protection 

Specializing in providing HQ blue light lenses, Lance X is scratch and reflection proof. They're also oleophobic and hydrophobic (fancy words for scratch, fog, and smudge free!)


The Look

Pick between 5 frames, and the 6 colors (crystal grey, ivory, green olive, dark brown, dragon red or black pearl. Don't you already feel sexy?)

Reward Price

 Currently, your best available deal is the 1x Early Bird at $59 (saving you $30). Not that far off the Super Early Bird that was gone in a flash at $49.



Shipping costs are stated to be collected post-campaign, so we can’t be too sure. It seems the creators aren’t trying to give too much away, prefacing a better understanding nearer the time. Their FAQ however does state that their ceiling price would be $25.

 What We Love 

1. Virtual UX

You kind of have to try ‘em on to know they suit you right? Well Lance are providing a virtual try-on, provided under Virtual Try Mirror on Instagram. 


2. Strong brand story

We’re a sucker for creators who state their showing of expertise. Created under a team of experienced glasses designers from the “Silicon Valley of glasses, the Lance team run product designs following traditions of over 40 years.

 What We Don't 

1. Prescription lenses come at a price

Impaired vision isn’t a choice guys! While Kickstarter’s wire frame doesn’t enable the doctoring of prescriptions, Lance does offer this add-on alongside accessories such as sun clips for an extra $39. Even with the full pack at $89, prescription lenses come at an extra cost. It’s pretty evident that a lot of Lance X’s backers require confirmation on the options available for conditions like astigmatism, which remain absent on the campaign page. Questions, however, are flooding the comments section...


2. Limited information on shipping

We all know that transparency is key.The Rewards look great, and the credibility of Lance’s, now 5, projects under its belt is a big selling point. Although global shipping is a good sign, the uncertainty of shipping prices could be a potential downside to their success if backers are slapped with a larger invoice than anticipated. 

 Is it Worth it? 

Upon a deep dive into “Should I really buy this?” The questions began. Avid Kickstarter backers will know to check the Comments section- even before the FAQ.


Alarmingly, the lack of detail on the campaign page that was initially a near enough click-bait purchase due to its economical price, turned out to be a questioning of whether the creators are trusty enough to fulfill shipment. A great accessory with a lot of potential. 

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