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Give your Old iPad a Second Life

Disclaimer: All reviews contain subjective opinions of the NANZA team.

 [Funding Status

Pledges: $152,151 (as of May 22, 2023)

Live until: Jul 1, 2023

@ 5:00 A(PDT)

 [Reward Price] 

Super Early Bird: $39

* Shipping fee not included.

 [Estimated Shipping Time] 

Aug 2023

 NANZA Tl;dr 

The appeal around digital photo frames and smart-devices is ever growing. But this also means more e-waste and increased harm to our environment. iFramix revives your old iPads, which you were probably going to throw in the trash soon anyway. Use your device to its full potential by displaying photo collages, slideshows, a home-camera, motion detecting features, clocks, and more. The frame is built specifically for the iPad to last even longer, hold firmly on a desk or mounted on your walls, and charges in increments to prevent over usage. 



Models Supported

Currently only supports 9.7-inch iPad models and 7.9-inch iPad Mini models. Really meant for those older versions! ​







320g. Really light for a device frame, but still offers that full support! 

Color Options

Light brown, dark coffee, black (just released). 

Charging Range

25% - 80%. This has been proven to be the best battery range for devices when in-use. We don’t want these iPads to die on us when we just revived them.  


Recycled composite wood. Sustainable and sturdy. 

Reward Price

Although the iFramix doesn’t disclose any discount prices, the Super Early Bird price is still pretty affordable. $39 gets you the frame with all of its features, and it claims to last for pretty much until your iPad doesn't. 


Ranges from around $9 to $14 for shipping to most countries. Ships from Hong Kong. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 12.30.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 12.41.42 PM.png
 What We Love 

1. Product Design

iFramix was built to withstand heavy electronics while keeping the frame itself lightweight and simple. It looks like a normal wooden frame but comes with many more features. Acts like a snug home for your iPad!

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 6.04.16 PM.png

2. Smart Charging

One worry would probably be overcharging and usage when constantly displaying your iPad screen, especially since it’s also older. However, the iFramix includes a smart charging converter, which automatically stops charging when reaching 80% and keeps it above 25% for optimal conservation.

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 6.07.03 PM.png
 What We Don't 

1. No Wireless Feature

The iPad functions and charges only through the charging cable that needs to be plugged in. This means that if you want to hang the frame on a wall, you also must have a long enough cable to be able to do so. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 6.10.18 PM.png

2. Device Protection

Considering that the iPad would be installed without a case inside of the frame, this could damage the device if dropped from high surfaces. As of now, we aren’t entirely sure if there are any real protection features included in the iFramix case. On top of watching out for the plugged-in cord, tripping over it could really be the end for your device!

 Is it Worth it? 

If you don’t know what to do with your old iPad, reusing it for what it can offer really extends the value of the device. Save money by simply purchasing the frame instead of investing in a new digital photo frame. The iFramix App also comes with different features that allow you to choose what you want to display on your screen. Instead of trading in your old iPad for a tiny fraction of what you purchased it for (also if even eligible for it), give your device a new look with iFramix. A pretty reasonable fee of $39 will grant you new perspectives on recycling even the things you never imagined could be reused.

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