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Everday Steam Closet

Refresh & Dewrinkle with Steam

Disclaimer: All reviews contain subjective opinions of the NANZA team.

 [Funding Status

Pledges: $245,901 (as of Jul 5, 2023)

Live until: Jul 14, 2023

@ 6:24 AM (PDT)

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Launch Special: $169 (43% off retail)

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Sep 2023

 NANZA Tl;dr 

This multifunctional closet redefines how you maintain your garments. Not only does it refresh your clothes, removing odors and revitalizing fabrics, but it also effortlessly releases wrinkles, ensuring your attire looks impeccable at all times. the Everyday Steam Closet serves as a convenient personal clothing dryer, efficiently drying your garments with ease. Say goodbye to conventional methods and embrace this revolutionary approach to caring for your clothes. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and enhanced appearance that the Everyday Steam Closet brings to your daily routine! 



Key Features : 

Solve all your laundry needs with a press of a button:

  • Refresh clothes in 30 minutes

  • Dewrinkle shirts/dresses hands-free

  • Dry clothes without a dryer

  • Add your favorite scents to clothes

  • Air out your jackets indoors






Why Steam?

When it comes to caring for your clothes, steam is the ideal solution. Its gentle nature ensures that your garments are treated with care while effectively releasing wrinkles from the fabric. Steam works wonders in removing any lingering odors trapped within the fibers, leaving your clothes refreshed and revitalized.

2 in 1

In addition to its versatile steaming capabilities, the Everyday Steam Closet serves as a practical clothing dryer. Unlike traditional tumble dryers, the steam closet's drying function avoids abrasive damage to your clothes, ensuring they retain their like-new appearance. By utilizing the Fan function, you can also gently air out jackets or garments that benefit from a subtle breeze!








Easy Setup

Setting up the Everyday Steam Closet is a breeze and can be completed in just three minutes. Simply plug the steam closet into a wall outlet, fill the water tank with water, and you're all set to begin!

Cost Effective

Although it cannot fully replace the need for washing and drying, the Everyday Steam Closet can effectively extend the time between washes. By utilizing the steam closet, you can refresh and revitalize your clothes, allowing you to wear them again without undergoing a full wash cycle. This helps reduce the frequency of laundry, ultimately saving you time spent on washing and money spent on water, detergent, and energy costs. Every penny counts! 












Capacity and Storage

With a capacity to accommodate up to six pieces of clothing per cycle, the steam closet provides ample room for your garment care needs. Beyond its primary function, it also serves as additional closet space for your convenience. You can temporarily store some of your favorite pieces in the steam closet!

Color Options

The Everday Steam Closet comes in a beautiful warm-toned beige color, which is the only option offered as of now! Hopefully we'll be able to see more of these neutral tones released as they would definitely be great as home décor pieces







By reducing the frequency of washing and drying your clothes through the use of the steam closet, you are making a substantial contribution to energy conservation. The decreased usage of washing machines and dryers leads to significant energy savings over time!

Reward Price

Don't miss out on the exclusive Early Bird offer! Take this opportunity to secure your own Everday Steam Closet at a discounted price of just $2169, which is a remarkable 48% off the MSRP!





All shipping fees will be collected separately after the campaign at the time of shipping.

 What We Love 

1. Easy Storage

For added convenience, the Everyday Steam Closet is designed to be collapsible, allowing for effortless storage. When folded, it occupies a compact size smaller than that of a typical carry-on suitcase. This compact form makes it easy to tuck away in a closet or any small storage space, ensuring it doesn't take up much room when not in use!


2. Odor-Eliminating Feature

Say goodbye to smelling like your delicious steak dinner, although we do appreciate a great steak too! With the steam closet, you can easily eliminate any lingering smokey odors from your barbecue adventures. Just place your clothes inside the steam closet, and it will work its magic in removing those unwanted smells, leaving your garments fresh and odor-free.

 What We Don't 

1. Lack of Different Sizes

We're impressed at the fact that the Steam Closet can hold 6 garments and acts as another storage space, but we wish there were more sizes offered. After all, some may need something smaller for their space-limited apartments, or some might want a larger one to hold more clothes or store some away during the differing seasons. It would definitely be great to see! 

 Is it Worth it? 

Prepare to revolutionize your clothing care routine and experience a transformation like never before. Say goodbye to spending excessive time on laundry, ironing, and frequent visits to the dry cleaners. Enjoy the convenience of maintaining a wardrobe of clean, wrinkle-free garments without the hassle. We're all for saving time and energy when it comes to chores like laundry and ironing our clothes. Embrace the future of effortless freshness and convenience at the touch of a button!

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