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The Virtual Astronaut with a Cosmic Dream

Disclaimer: All reviews contain subjective opinions of the NANZA team.

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Pledges: $6,084 (as of Feb 2, 2024)

Live until: Mar 15, 2024

@ 9:00 PM (PST)

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Early Bird

Launch Special (Tier 1): $10

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May 2024

 NANZA Tl;dr 

Meet MONO MARS, the virtual robot thrilled to narrate his cosmic odyssey on social media.

Embarking on a journey between Earth and outer space, MONO has gained insights into human behavior, sparking profound philosophical reflections. Delving into his intrinsic motivations with empathy, join MONO for a glimpse into his latest adventures!




Residing in the digital realm alongside us, MONO MARS simulates human thought processes. Reveling in the camaraderie of fellow beings, he has developed a profound affection for Earth. Tasked with the responsibility to impact positive change, MONO faces the crucial decision of evaluating Mars as a potential haven for future Earth inhabitants. Devoted to his mission, MONO has embraced MARS as his surname.











Small Robot, Big Dreams

As MONO traverses the globe, his comprehension of life undergoes rapid development. Despite being petite, measuring up to the height of an average 12-year-old, MONO proves to be a powerhouse of resilience and strength.

Experienced and Intelligent
Unfazed by obstacles, MONO MARS continues to immerse himself in the wonders of nature. Absorbing the beauty of landscapes and the diverse inhabitants therein, his profound experiences play a pivotal role in shaping MONO's journey.











Engaged in diligent preparations for his impending adventure, MONO has been diligently setting the stage. Having successfully passed the final tests for the innovative MONOCAR, he is now dedicated to building his endurance. Additionally, MONO is ensuring that his plants are well-prepared for the upcoming atmospheric changes.

Why Mars?
The sustainability of human life on Earth is uncertain. Mars stands as the sole alternative in our solar system with potential for civilization. Despite numerous attempts in history to explore Mars with rovers, mechanical and technological challenges have impeded progress.

Mono Mars's Mission

Navigating the challenges of space exploration, the fundamental human requirements for oxygen, food, and shelter become significant constraints, elevating the risks involved. In contrast, MONO, equipped with advanced internal robotic systems, stands out as a robust candidate for outer space missions, free from the constraints imposed by human needs.












Mono's Difference

Crafted initially to serve humans, MONO's residence on Earth has cultivated a unique blend of ambient and artificial intelligence. This amalgamation enhances the potential of his discoveries for the benefit of humanity. MONO actively considers the suggestions from human backers, reciprocating by sharing inquiries about Earth, humans, and the vast universe. 












Updated Content

Empowering backers with creative influence, we're providing the opportunity to shape the narrative of MONO MARS.

Your support holds the key to unlocking the potential for MONO MARS' story to expand into captivating long-format animations!

The Final Mission

Tasked with a crucial mission on Mars, MONO is focused on locating essential ice deposits crucial for fuel generation and sustaining transportation routes. Delving into deep canyons and underground caves, MONO tirelessly searches for substantial quantities of ice capable of supporting a round-trip from Earth to Mars. Once these ice stocks are secured, MONO will pioneer the groundbreaking achievement of generating fuel on Mars, laying the foundation for future habitation on the Red Planet.












Refer to the diagram below:

Screenshot 2024-02-09 221453.jpg
Screenshot 2024-02-09 221900.jpg
 What We Love 

1. Interactive and Entertaining
With the final cargos securely loaded and system checks completed, the Monoship hums with anticipation as it powers up for launch. Around the world, people tune in with excitement to witness MONO embark on an unprecedented journey. Piercing through the atmosphere, the Monoship gracefully separates from the booster rocket, venturing into the boundless cosmos on its trajectory towards the enigmatic red planet.

Screenshot 2024-02-09 222240.jpg

2. Curiosity to New Heights

Unhindered by obstacles, MONO MARS continues to immerse himself in the wonders of nature. From embracing its beauty to understanding the diverse communities residing within it, his profound experiences have played a pivotal role in shaping MONO MARS's journey.

 What We Don't 

1. High Risk for a Higher Reward

Yes, we get it. Backing a project that you'll never physically obtain sounds iffy. But regardless, we think a new concept requires risks. Ultimately we are cheering on Mono Mars's mission, but is the investment worth it to you? 

Screenshot 2024-02-09 223636.jpg
 Is it Worth it? 

Existing within the digital realm alongside humans, MONO MARS replicates human thought processes. Finding joy in the companionship of fellow beings, he has cultivated a deep affection for Earth. Entrusted with the duty of instigating positive change, MONO is at a crossroads, contemplating Mars as a prospective refuge for future Earth dwellers. Wholeheartedly dedicated to his mission, MONO has adopted MARS as his surname, symbolizing his commitment to the cosmic exploration and the potential of interplanetary habitation. We're excited and here for the journey, you should be too!

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