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The Multi-Display Modular Coffee Scale

Disclaimer: All reviews contain subjective opinions of the NANZA team.

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Pledges: $106,560 (as of Feb 2, 2024)

Live until: Mar 3, 2024

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Jun 2024

 NANZA Tl;dr 

Introducing WeighMaster, the revolutionary modular coffee scale designed to elevate the coffee experience for those who appreciate versatility. Experience multi-screen sharing and a variety of brewing modes that enhance your coffee ritual. With WeighMaster, each brew transforms into a shared journey, celebrating the elegance of modularity and interactivity. Designed for enthusiasts, revolutionized for baristas, and crafted for anyone who believes that coffee is more than just a drink-it's an experience!



Everyday Innovation
Experience versatility without the inconvenience of buying separate scales for pour-over coffee and espresso machines. With WeighMaster, choose the modules you need, making it adaptable to your brewing preferences.











For all Levels of Expertise

Perfect for beginners: WeighMaster introduces a built-in Beginner Mode and Mirror-Brewing Mode, offering step-by-step guidance aligned with SCA standards and world-champion techniques. The Coffee-Water Ratio Mode is included to eliminate the need for calculations, ensuring a relaxed and elegant coffee brewing experience.

Develop your Skills

Boost your skill development with WeighMaster's accelerated features. Engage in regular practice with the Flow Practice Mode or challenge yourself with Brewing Games at various difficulty levels. Develop precise control over water flow and progress towards becoming a pour-over coffee expert!












Enjoy stable brewing at any time with WeighMaster. Keep an eye on dynamic brewing curves to ensure each cup of coffee reaches perfection!


Adaptable in diverse scenarios: Our array of modules empowers baristas to effortlessly share and showcase brewing techniques, facilitating seamless communication with customers or judges. Ideal for pour-over coffee shops, coffee competitions, and coffee training sessions.

Lightweight and Efficient

WeighMaster's compact size and modular design make it exceptionally well-suited for use with espresso machines, outperforming other coffee scales. Its compatibility with a stand allows for convenient operation, reducing the need for frequent cleaning!












Two Modes

Featuring a built-in Portafilter Tare Mode and Espresso Mode, WeighMaster ensures precision in coffee brewing. Its quick wake-up from sleep mode upon detecting weight changes adds to the convenience. Additionally, Module B can automatically calculate the number of coffee cups, enhancing efficiency for busy coffee shops.












Long Lasting

Designed with dust and water resistance for enhanced durability, WeighMaster ensures longevity in various conditions. The modular design enables individual replacements, promoting cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness. Easily replace any damaged module to save money while contributing to a sustainable environment.

Thoughtful Design

Drawing inspiration from both modern technology and classic aesthetics, WeighMaster features geometric angles and elegant disc patterns, resulting in a visually striking product that stands out in any setting. The fusion of technology and retro style adds a unique touch to your brewing experience.











Ships to just about anywhere and ranges from $141-$219HKD. 

 What We Love 

1. Made for any Coffee Enthusiast

WeighMaster is a creation tailored for those who relish every sip. Whether you're a dedicated coffee aficionado in pursuit of the perfect brew, a skilled barista striving for excellence, or an individual who appreciates life's pleasures, our design caters to your distinct desires. With WeighMaster, we've seamlessly blended technology, precision, and aesthetics to create a coffee scale that resonates with your passion for the art of brewing!


2. Luxurious Design

WeighMaster employs high-precision weighing modules featuring an all-metal weighing structural design. The Weight Calibration feature guarantees long-term precision in measurements, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

 What We Don't 

1. Size

We hope to see more sizes in the future! As of now, it seems that the WeighMaster can fit small brewing pots and espresso cups. Hopefully, the future hold various sizing anywhere from something even more portable to a scale that can measure a larger kettle! 

Screenshot 2024-02-02 220225.jpg
 Is it Worth it? 

Discover the world of multi-screen sharing and a variety of brewing modes meticulously crafted to elevate your coffee ceremony. WeighMaster transforms every brew into a shared adventure, emphasizing the beauty of modularity and interaction. Tailored for enthusiasts, redefined for baristas, and created for those who view coffee as more than a mere drink—it's an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. We definitely think it's worth it if you're introducing yourself to the art of coffee, or if you're already a pro! 

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