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Memo X

Get Creative with Simple Made Memos

Disclaimer: All reviews contain subjective opinions of the NANZA team.

 [Funding Status

Pledges: $86.846 (as of Feb 2, 2024)

Live until: Feb 28, 2024

@ 9:00 PM (PST)

 [Reward Price] 

Early Bird: $74

(25% off retail price)

* Shipping fee not included.

 [Estimated Shipping Time] 

September 2024

 NANZA Tl;dr 

Slide a sheet into Memo X, press down, and voila! Instantly, you've got a bunch of sticky notes, perfect for capturing those brilliant ideas on the fly. Transform one A4 sheet into a dozen handy sticky notes. Whether it's giving new life to old paperwork or finding fresh use for documents, Memo X turns every sheet into a tool for a better cause.



Repurposing with Reason

Turn a standard A4 sheet into a dozen convenient sticky notes with Memo X. Whether it's outdated paperwork or documents that deserve a second life, Memo X empowers you to repurpose them for a greater cause.











Reuse without a Trace

Following extensive trials and adjustments, Memo X effortlessly generates sticky notes that can be peeled off and repositioned more than 20 times. Seamlessly keep up with the continuous flow of your ideas without skipping a beat.

Customizable to Your Needs

Memo X goes beyond the realm of conventional sticky notes! Tailor the cutting size to craft notes for diverse occasions. Easily adjust the cutting area by toggling the switch on the side—say goodbye to desk limitations. The largest size, at 70mm*74mm, is ideal for standard sticky memos. Diverse paper patterns introduce variety for a range of daily tasks, from to-do lists to item tagging. Memo X is your versatile solution.










Perfect for Any Material

Unlock the potential of any paper, not just discarded documents! Whether it's distinctive gift wraps or textured art paper, Memo X transforms them into a canvas for your creative journal. With the ability to cut various sizes and mix different materials, Memo X offers versatility. Let your artwork inspire and evolve by rearranging the layout, all while keeping the pages clean and free from scratches.

Easy and Versatile 

Effortlessly press the sides of Memo X's upper part and pull up to separate it into a stamp tape dispenser and a portable cutter. With these two functions working independently, you can seamlessly integrate them into various aspects of your daily life.

Connect with the Stamp Tape

Diverging from traditional staplers, Memo X employs a stamping mechanism to apply adhesive to paper, allowing you to affix important notes without causing damage. This not only preserves the integrity of the paper but also eliminates the need for waiting as the glue dries.












Double Sided Tape

Unlock additional versatility with Memo X! Every pledge includes removable double-sided tapes, providing flexible adhesive options. Need something extra sturdy? Elevate your adhesion game with our optional strong double-sided tapes, ensuring your memos stay in place with unwavering strength!












Household Safety

Memo X prioritizes safety with a concealed blade that remains hidden when not in use, making it a reliable office companion. Additionally, its user-friendly design extends to family settings, ensuring a secure and enjoyable craft experience for all.


Simply press the portable cutter, and voila! Quickly create notes in any size. The portable design adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to carry this handy tool wherever creativity strikes. Whether you're on the go or in the comfort of your home, Memo X ensures that your note-making process is not only versatile but also portable for seamless usage anytime, anywhere!











Ships to anywhere in the world!

 What We Love 

1. Different Paper Types

Memo X is not limited to using only waste documents. It can handle a variety of paper materials, including unique gift wraps and textured art paper. This opens up a realm of possibilities for users to experiment with different textures, patterns, and colors in their notes!


2. Craft Time for Families

 Since Memo X is not only safe for kids but also encourages creative usage, it can become a tool for family craft time. Parents and children can enjoy quality time together, creating art, notes, or collages using different papers.

 What We Don't 

1. Adhesive Dependency

 Memo X uses adhesive to create sticky notes. Some users might prefer traditional sticky notes that come pre-made without the need for additional adhesive. The dependency on adhesive might be a factor for those who want a simpler, tape-free solution.

 Is it Worth it? 

Memo X stands out as a worthwhile purchase due to its multifaceted benefits. Its versatility in transforming various types of paper into reusable sticky notes not only reduces waste but also fosters creative expression. The eco-friendly approach aligns with environmental consciousness, while the portable design, safety features, and engaging stamping mechanism make it suitable for both adults and children. The efficient and unique design, free from traditional tape or glue hassles, adds practicality to its value proposition. Ultimately, Memo X offers a distinctive and efficient solution for note-taking and creative endeavors, making it a compelling choice for those seeking versatility and sustainability in their office or creative toolkit! We think it's worth the Back!

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